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CT - Wialon

It's an ultimate GPS and GLONASS satellites tracking system.

GPS tracking system CAB-TRAK2 is a software product that allows end users to control their units (vehicle fleet, machinery, employees, etc.)
CabTrak2  GPS tracking system doesn't require any client software — users can monitor and control their fleets through any web browser installed on the computer or smartphone. The system allows to get almost all the data from additional sensors connected to the GPS device in your vehicle.
Friendly web monitoring interface, powerful Android and iOS App and useful mobile version for Windows OS smatphones.
Work Area
Work area, where different actions with various elements of the system take place and different requests to be composed, is situated in the left part of the screen.
Depending on the tag chosen in the top menu, one of the following panels could be opened in the work area:
Monitoring — tracking units position, state and movements.
Tracks — viewing movement history.
Messages — viewing messages come from units.
Reports — wide range of survey instruments and sorting of data received from a unit.
POI — creating, editing, removing points of interest on the map.
Geofences — creating, editing, removing geographical areas.
Routes — creating and monitoring a unit's traffic route according to its schedule.
Drivers — creating drivers and assigning them to units.
Trailers — creating trailers and binding them to units.
Jobs — creating, editing, removing jobs performed by schedule.
Notifications — creating, editing and removing events' notifications.
Users — managing other users.
Units — managing available units.
Unit Groups — grouping units according to the user's wish.
Top menu also could include two panels which are not shown in the work area. They have their separate windows. They are:
Tools — tools for calculation distance and area, laying the best routes, searching for the nearest units, etc.
Apps — applications enabling to tackle with various user's targets.
The width of the work area could be changed. To do this, please click on its right border and drag to the direction needed, holding the mouse button pressed. Moreover, work area could be hidden completely by pressing the button situated in the left bottom corner
System allows:
Detecting unit position and watching its movement on map.
Observing dynamic change of various unit parameters such as speed, fuel level, temperature, voltage, etc.
Management of units (sending commands and messages, assigning jobs and routes, adjusting notifications, etc.) and drivers (phone calls, SMS, registering work shifts, binding to unit, etc.);
Interpreting information derived from a unit in various kinds of reports (tables, charts, movement tracks, event markers, complete statistics, etc.);
and much more.
Tracking results can be either presented on a computer screen or exported to files in different formats.
User interface of CabTrak2 is simple and in many cases intuitive. There are plenty of screen tips and helpers associated with various buttons, icons, dialog boxes, edit fields, and other elements of the interface. Moreover, special icons are situated in the interface. They are used to deal with the most 'difficult places', as a help text will be opened by clicking on any of them.
Users can configure some system operation parameters according to their needs and tasks.
Along with the features CT2, you can get access to additional applications. Those applications can be highly customized reports, specialized tools, or just a calculator.
With a help of such features as Track Player, Distance, Area, Address, Routing, Hittest, Nearest units, and LBS Detector you can measure the length of polyline or just a distance between two points, measure an area of any piece of the map, find out the address of some place, get to know the shortest way to a certain destination point, analyze movement tracks, etc.
Eco Driving
This module is designed to make an assessment of driving behaviour. It detects rough manoeuvres (like turns, breaks, acceleration), speeding, and other criteria of custom choice (sensor based). Sensitivity range and penalties for those criteria are adjustable. The module includes a tab in unit properties dialog (for parameters adjustment), a tabular report for a unit, appropriate columns for other tables, and an app.
CabTrak2 allows building various kinds of reports on vehicles, users, routes, drivers, trailers as well as groups of units, drivers, or trailers.  Reports on activity can be presented as tables or charts. Here you can create report templates, generate reports and view them right in the browser or export them to the files of various formats like PDF, XML, XLS (Excel), HTML, CSV
Any number of tracks can be drawn on the map. They can represent different units and various time intervals. To prevent tracks from being confused with each other, you can set different colors for them. Besides, different segments of the track can be of different colors depending on speed or sensor values.
Geofence, or geographical zone, is some area on the map that is important for your tracking purposes. Geofences can be used to control unit activity in these areas or, on the contrary, outside them.
CabTrak2  Client is available for both Android (smartphone) and iOS (smartphones, tablet computer) platforms.
The set of CT2 Client functionality amounts to the following: tracking of unit location and moving state (trip, stopping, parking), controlling ignition state (on/off), monitoring data actuality (time passed from the last message received) and latest events (trip, parking, fuel filling/theft), as well as sending several commands.
Simple mobile version for Windows OS and Blackberry smartphones.