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CTS TACHO - downloaded DDD Files platform

GUIDE:    How to set up company card on CTS TACHO and download received DDD files to PC

Click on CTS Tacho from LOGIN page

Use provided details to login to Tachograph files

Main view with Left side management option

Select Company Card Management:

Click on Link to download Remote Smart card reader -Teltonika application:

Downaload it (KEEP file if asked by WINDOWS) and start installation. Click "More info" if this box appears

and click "Run anyway". Trust, Installer is clean and do not contain any virus

Install remote Smart Card reader:

Launch application:

Connect card reader to PC any empty USB port 

slide Company card inside (conatcts to chip side):

Smart card reader Service Monitor application will find your card. Copy code from this window and e-mail to us to enable your card reader.

If this window not visible on screen, look to desktop tool bar for this Icon and click on it

After we update code on your CTS Tacho platform your company card status will changes to Green Colour

Provide us with list of full driver names and their driver cards ID (example of ID: DN07081998000000). *Optional

Let us know preferred download schedule for DDD files and provide us with e-mail address where notification about dowloaded files can reach you. Every e-mail will contain direct link to download files. 


All downloaded files easy find and download from portal.
Go to left side management and click on "Tachograph Files".

Download files from the table's "Download" column by clicking on preferred file download arrow. Files will downloads to your PC.

 Cab-Track Solutions team.