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Tacho and driver card remote download

With special device fitted tacho DDD files can be remotely downloaded to preferred safe location or we can host them till requested. No need to access vehicles and download files. 

Electronic tachograph is storing an encrypted file for each day on the memory of the tachograph. There is the data from Tacho and from Drivercards (two different data). One of them needs to be downloaded by Company every 90 Days and the other every 30 days.
If you do not download it, the oldest data is always overwritten by the second oldest data and so on.
Company needs to store them localy and provide them if government or police wants to check them.


With Remote Tacho Download from Cab-Trak you’ll never have to manually download the tacho .ddd files from your vehicles or driver cards again.

All files will be downloaded automatically, no matter where your vehicles or drivers are. All encrypted files will be transferred over the air in our or your secure file storage within the Cab-Trak Cloud.

If we store files we will provide on request and transfer them to your location.

With connected tacho data device we will present drivers names on platform together with tacho data: mileage, rest, idling and driving hours. Our smart tacho analysis app can present full driver history for preferred period. Tacho tracking box connecetd to FMS line shows fuel level, engine temperature, consumption. wirred to CANBUS line gives full vehicle's data on vehicle tracking platform. Reports can be generated and printed.


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