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About Cab-Trak 1

Real time tracking

The platform offers real time GPS tracking of multiple vehicles in a web browser. A live view of the entire vehicle fleet gives you control, the best vehicle can be dispatched for a job and specific vehicles can be followed when required. Alerts and notifications are instantly available in the application.

Any event in the platform can generate alerts in the application, over email. You can configure notifications over email for events that require immediate attention, such as SOS, vehicle theft, high temperature, speeding, excessive idling, off hours’ vehicle usage or geofence violations.


Reports for most common business requirements are delivered with CabTrak1 to help you analyse and improve your business. You can use the CT1 Reporting framework to configure additional reports based on any data in the platform. Reports can be presented directly in the web browser or scheduled and sent over email.

Vehicle Maintenance

The Maintenance plugin keeps track of when your vehicles are due for service. It shows a maintenance status overview and sends notifications when vehicles pass service intervals


Cleanup Delete history data after a set time period.  

Track fuel consumption based on fuel fill receipts

You can use Google maps, Bing, OpenLayers, Here map

Manage your vehicle fleet from mobile phones and tablets!

Application runs in all major web browsers


Search the map for your vehicle history for a selected time period.

Use your own icons for vehicle markers and POI:s

Set your own colors for different objects

Manage drivers with RFID or IButton logins

Automatically created when objects are idling

Add geofence based events

You can create jobs to which you can assign a location, time, and a vehicle to execute it.

Tool Draw lines to measure distances directly on the map

Create notes on Users and Vehicles for example to keep track of tasks or to notify other users with short messages

With the Publish plugin you can share views in CabTrak1 on a own website.

Track your vehicle fleet in real time in a web browser.

Show status messages in real time

Measure time spent in geofences and time spent at points of interest

Save unlimited track history or clear tracks after a certain period

Replay track history for a selected time period on the map


Show alarms in user interface in real time

Measure that drivers follow regulations about driving hours and rest periods

Get notification on events over email

Create rules that trigger events