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Our GPS tracking system allows you to monitor the position of your vehicle on your computer, tablet or smartphone instantaneously not just in Ireland, but anywhere in Europe

We supply Satellite Tracking systems for business-to-business transactions across most EEC countries. We are fully equipped to supply and install most makes of mobile phones and car kits. We are proud to offer CAB TRAK the ultimate in Tracking Systems.

In today’s challenging economic climate, it is critically important for businesses of all types to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency and duty of care, and with ever-increasing health and safety legislation, we have a highly unique setup which helps embed trust with each and every customer, providing high quality customer service with our very own user friendly and tailor-made software packages.  This will help with real time tracking of any vehicle once the tracker has been fitted, which will give you a competitive advantage.  From our centrally located Banbridge office, we can coordinate your services with speed and precision. CAB-TRAK has over 20 years’ experience in the communications business and is regarded as one of the nation's finest.


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