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CabTrak Benefits

See online the position of the monitored units on the map and get the information about them (speed and sensor values) in the pop-up info tips.

Use different maps (e.g. OpenStreetMap, Yandex Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps). Visualize the route of one or several vehicles for any period of time. Additionally, you can create a track and control the unit movement.

Mark any number of points of interest (POI) on the map.

Check if your vehicles have visited certain places using “Geofence” instrument.

Receive notifications by email, SMS, or in a popup window if a certain situation occurs (e.g. a unit goes over a speed limit, an alarm button is pressed, there’re changes in sensor values or a connection loss, or if a unit is idle or arrives at a control point.)

Track the units or drivers who are going along the route with the specified control points and a predefined schedule using "Routes" instrument.

Process, systematize and analyze any information via special reports based on the editable templates. Each report can contain any number of tables and charts specified by the user and display the information over the set period of time.

Set up the system so that it executes certain sequences of operations or jobs automatically.

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Heavy Goods Vehicles



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Save on fuel costs.

If a vehicle is stolen, the location will be known immediately.

Reduce insurance premiums by up to 40%.

View driver stop locations ,time they arrived, time stayed at and time left a location.

Health and Safety parameters. Monitor driver performance, speed, braking, rest breaks, cornering aggression etc.

Trailer door open/closed information.

Vehicle service schedule alerts.

Reduce the risk of theft to all of your vehicles.

More effective route planning.

Improve efficiency and driver performance.

Engine idle analysis.

 Create daily or weekly reports for wage calculation.

Monitor private usage.