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CabTrak GPS Fleet

Click above or here to login

Enter provided User name, password and click Login

All info per day on the Vehicles tab. To get more info or go to history tick on selected vehicle

After selected vehicle on the Tracks Tab history will appear. Tick on preferred date to draw tracks or get more detailes.

Reports and platform personalization settings on the Top tools BAR

CabTrak GPS Fleet Mobile version

Login from Smartphone. We recommend to use Google Chrome browser

Go to Login TAB and choose CabTrak ‘GPS Fleet’ Login

1. Enter user name, password

and click LogIn

 Left side TAB - settings

There are two bottom TAB buttons

Right side TAB vehicles list

Selected vehicle’s info

Selected Vehicle’s Tracks

To Download User Manual Click Here

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CabTrak GPS Fleet Mobile App

Apple Store

Download ‘GPS Fleet’ App

Google Play

Download ‘Fleet App’

Install it.  Enter server address to top white line and click SAVE

Wait till download and install updates

Login with provided user name and password.